Bunnies By The Bay Sleepy Kiddo Musical

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$ 24.00 
SKU: 270030

Are “ewe” sleepy, Baby? Our Musical Kiddo softly plays “Mary Had a Little Lamb” to send your wee one off to sleep with the sweetest of dreams.

Kiddo wears a cuddly coat of swirly, curly white fur, with a cheery, polka-dotted knit scarf tied around his neck. His face, paws and ears are lined in cozy white velour, perfect for snuggling. A hand-embroidered face shows Kiddo’s sleepy long eyelashes, and the little wee smile beneath his always-rosy nose.

A delightful companion for nap time or any time, Musical Kiddo’s charming, time-honored lullaby will soothe and comfort your favorite little lamb.

Measures 12” in length from paw to paw. Care: Spot clean.

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